Understanding How Much to Tip Your Movers

When it comes to moving, there is so much to plan and keep track of that the question of tipping often gets overlooked. Many are left stumped after a move, asking, “How much should I tip my movers?” Tipping, after all, is a way of expressing gratitude for a well-delivered service. But how much is suitable when it involves relocating your treasured belongings? 

In this article, we will provide some insights into tipping, focusing particularly on local movers Queens. Read on to understand the etiquette and customary amount for tipping your movers to ensure they feel appreciated for their hard work.

What Is the Average Tip for Movers?

What should you tip your movers? Every situation is different. Your tip should be based on how much your movers have helped you and for how long. They deserve a tip if they have done an excellent job.

Each move is unique. Tipping between 20 and 30% of the total cost is recommended. Consider tipping between $20 and $30 per mover for local moves or $50 for long-distance moves.

Tip Amount Total

2-person crew 3-person crew 4-person crew 5-person crew
2 hours $12 – $24 $36 – $72 $48 – $96 $60 – $120
4 hours $24 – $48 $72 – $144 $96 – $192 $120 – $240
8 hours $96 – $192 $144 – $288 $192 – $384 $240 – $480
12 hours $144 – $288 $216 – $432 $288 – $576 $360 – $720

Do You Have to Tip Moving Companies?

It takes more effort to move and pack boxes the longer it takes. Tipping is often seen as a way of showing appreciation to movers. Tipping is not compulsory, but it can be a nice gesture to show your appreciation for a job done. Since many movers get paid per hour, not per job, tipping isn’t guaranteed to improve service.

Consideration When Working Out How Much to Tip

The process is made much easier by hiring movers. You can tip the mover after they have completed their job as a way of showing your appreciation. There are a few factors to consider before deciding how much you should tip your mover.

Complexity of Move

Consider giving more to show appreciation for the extra care and effort required. Tipping your movers will show them you appreciate their dedication and hard work in navigating obstacles.

Quality of Service

Your tip amount should reflect how pleased you were with the services provided and how courteous and efficient the movers were. You should tip more if your movers went the extra mile to ensure a smooth move. Contrarily, if you had a less-than-satisfactory experience, you may tip on the lower end of the range or not tip at all.

Final Moving Cost

You can use the total cost of moving to determine how much you should tip your movers. The standard tip is 20% of the moving costs. Check your receipt to see how much each mover worked before tipping. You can tip more if a mover has done a great job.

Distance Moving

The distance you move, locally or across the country, can affect how much tip your movers can give. Tipping slightly higher per mover for long-distance moving may compensate for the extra time and effort.

Condition of Items After Move

Your tip can reflect the care that your movers showed during the move.

Do You Have to Tip Your Movers?

No. There is no standard industry tipping. Hilary Reynolds, All My Sons Moving and Storage, says that tipping is not mandatory but appreciated by movers. The fact that tipping is optional doesn’t mean it should be ignored.

Moving companies earn an average of $16 per hour. It’s a little, considering the amount of work they do. Thomas Trainor is the founder of Relocation Concierge. The company provides professional concierge services and moving assessments.

When to Tip and When Not to Tip

Nobody wants to spend a fortune tipping movers. Moving is already expensive. Especially when you feel the job was poorly done or your movers were not friendly. Tipping is one way to express your appreciation for a job done well. It would help to give more or deduct some money from your planned trip.

When to Tip More

  • Your movers will need to be prepared for oversized or fragile items.
  • Your movers will be personable and kind.
  • Your movers will work quickly.
  • The extra effort that movers take to assist you with the assembly and setup of certain items

When to Tip Less:

  • Your movers may arrive late or with the wrong size vehicle.
  • If your movers are deliberately slow or inefficient, such as overwrapping items or moving them inefficiently
  • You have to do most of the work.
  • Your items may be damaged or mistreated by your movers.

What to Tip Movers

You’ve decided to tip the moving team. How can you do this? It’s up to you to decide how to proceed. You can tip the person who is leading or tip all of them. This is the person you have spoken to the most.

Trainor suggests tipping every mover separately at the end of each day to avoid a possible dishonest leader mover. Trainor warns that tipping only at the end of a move could make it difficult to divide tips fairly since each day’s crew may be different. If you only tip at the end, the mover off duty may not receive the tip on the last day.

It doesn’t matter how you split the tip, but it is important to have cash available when it comes time to tip. If your moving company doesn’t include gratuity in the bill, you can’t split a tip on a card.

Do You Need to Feed Movers?

You may need to eat during your move, which can take several hours. What about your movers, though? If you’re wondering how much to tip your movers, you can also make them happy by feeding them.

Although most moving crews bring enough water and food to last a few days, giving them food can make the process much smoother. Reynolds says, “Movers are grateful when customers offer snacks or refreshments.”

Pizza and subs can be a good option because they are relatively cheap, and everyone enjoys them. You can also offer your crew local food options or a small stipend to help them find it.


With all that detailed insight, it’s clear that the decision to tip your movers and the amount to offer depends on various factors, such as the complexity of your move, the quality of service rendered, and the final cost of your move. Understanding these nuances and appreciating your movers’ hard work and expertise can make the moving experience smoother. 

Remember, reliable movers Queens, like the team at 5 Star Movers, always aim to deliver exceptional service to make your move as stress-free as possible. If you feel they’ve gone above and beyond to ensure this, showing your appreciation by tipping becomes a kind and considerate gesture.

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