Can You Take Your Pets With You When Moving Abroad

Moving abroad can be an exciting and life-changing experience, but for many pet owners, it also raises a pressing question: Can you take your pets with you when moving abroad? The emotional bond between pets and their owners is undeniable, and the thought of leaving them behind can be heart-wrenching. However, successfully moving internationally with pets to a foreign country requires careful planning, adherence to regulations, and a commitment to their well-being.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps and considerations necessary to make the international move with your pets as smooth as possible. From researching regulations and preparing your pets for travel to navigating legal requirements and ensuring their comfort upon arrival, we’ve got you covered.

Preparing for International Pet Relocation

Researching pet-friendly airlines

When preparing for international pet relocation to a foreign country, one of the crucial steps is researching pet-friendly airlines that can help you navigate the complex travel requirements involved. Finding an airline that understands the unique needs of traveling with pets and offers reliable pet relocation services is essential to ensure a safe and stress-free journey for your furry companion. By thoroughly investigating your airline options, you can make informed choices that prioritize your pet’s comfort and well-being during the international move, ultimately making the entire relocation process smoother and more enjoyable for both you and your beloved pet.

Creating a travel plan and flight arrangements

When preparing for international pet relocation, particularly when dealing with service dogs, it’s imperative to create a comprehensive travel plan and make appropriate flight arrangements. Understanding airline policies and regulations regarding the transportation of service dogs is paramount. This involves researching and selecting an airline that not only accommodates your specific needs but also adheres to international regulations governing service animal travel. Crafting a detailed travel plan that considers the well-being and comfort of your service dog during the journey is essential for a successful and stress-free international relocation. By carefully planning your flight arrangements and ensuring alignment with airline policies, you can embark on this significant journey with confidence, knowing that your loyal companion’s welfare is a top priority.

Gather necessary supplies, such as water bowls, for travel day

Among crucial pet travel tips is the inclusion of items like a secure and comfortable pet crate, ensuring it complies with airline and destination country regulations. Additionally, when moving internationally with pets, don’t forget essentials like water bowls and familiar bedding to provide comfort during the journey. For those seeking expert guidance, consulting with pet transportation professionals can be invaluable. They can offer insights into the specific requirements of your destination country and help you prepare effectively, ensuring that your pet’s relocation experience is as stress-free and comfortable as possible. If you want to get expert tips and tricks for a quick move, check out our blog page now!

Making sure service animals meet destination country regulations

Ensuring that service animals meet destination country regulations is a top priority when planning their international relocation. To navigate the complex requirements seamlessly, it’s advisable to seek assistance from accredited pet transport companies staffed with experienced pet transport professionals. These experts possess the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the specific regulations and documentation necessary for a smooth transition. Working with accredited companies ensures that your service animal’s relocation adheres to all legal and safety standards, allowing them to accompany you on your journey with confidence and peace of mind.

moving internationally with pets

Pet-Specific Travel Considerations

  • Assessing your pet’s health and suitability for travel: Before making any decisions, evaluate your pet’s overall health and fitness for international travel. Some pets may be better suited for the journey than others.
  • Discussing the move with your veterinarian: When moving internationally with pets, schedule a consultation with your veterinarian to discuss the move. They can provide guidance on vaccinations, health certificates, and any specific health concerns related to the destination.
  • Preparing your pet mentally and physically: Help your pet adjust to the idea of travel by gradually introducing them to their carrier, crate, or travel environment. Consider short practice trips to reduce anxiety.

Legal and Administrative Steps When Moving Internationally With Pets

  • Microchipping and Identification: When moving internationally with pets, ensure your pet has a microchip for identification. Keep your contact information up to date to facilitate their return in case they get lost.
  • Updating your pet’s identification and contact information: Make sure your pet wears proper identification tags with your current contact information, including your international contact details.
  • Ensuring your pet wears proper ID tags: In addition to microchipping, visible identification tags can be a quick way for others to help your pet if they become lost.

Vaccinations and Health Certificates

  • Scheduling necessary vaccinations: When moving internationally with pets, stay on top of your pet’s vaccination schedule and make sure they are up to date on all required shots.
  • Obtaining a health certificate from your vet: Your veterinarian will provide a health certificate confirming your pet’s fitness for travel. Ensure you have this document in hand before departure.
  • Timelines for vaccinations and paperwork: Understand the timeline for vaccinations and paperwork, as some documents may need to be obtained within specific timeframes before travel.

Travel Planning and Logistics

Choosing a Pet-Friendly Travel Method

  • Air travel vs. land travel: Consider the pros and cons of different travel methods and choose the one that best suits your pet’s needs and comfort. If you prefer air travel, airlines such as American Airlines and United Airlines are some of the best options to start with.
  • Evaluating airlines’ pet policies: Research airlines’ pet policies, including carrier requirements, in-cabin options, and fees associated with pet travel.
  • Planning pet-friendly stops during the journey: If traveling by road, identify pet-friendly rest stops and accommodations along your route.

Pet Carrier and Essentials

  • Selecting the right pet carrier: Invest in a sturdy, well-ventilated pet carrier that complies with airline and safety regulations. You can get some sturdy pet crates from PetSmart or Petco.
  • Packing essentials for your pet’s journey: Pack enough food, water, medications, and comfort items to keep your pet content throughout the trip.
  • Keeping your pet comfortable during travel: When moving internationally with pets, place familiar bedding and toys in the carrier to help your pet feel secure during the journey.

Working with an International Pet Relocation Company

Benefits of using a pet relocation company

When facing a long-distance move that involves your beloved pets, enlisting the services of international pet relocation professionals can offer a multitude of benefits. These experienced experts understand the intricacies of pet transportation and can provide invaluable guidance throughout the process. From navigating complex paperwork and ensuring compliance with destination country regulations to arranging safe and comfortable travel accommodations for your pets, pet relocation companies can help alleviate the stress of moving with animals. Their specialized knowledge and attention to detail can make a significant difference in ensuring that your pets arrive at your new home healthy, happy, and without the undue anxiety that often accompanies long-distance moves.

Choosing the right company for you

Selecting the right international pet relocation company is a critical decision when planning to move with your furry companions. It’s essential to consider various factors, such as the company’s experience, reputation, and services offered. Begin by researching and comparing several pet relocation companies to ensure they align with your specific needs and the requirements of your pet’s journey. Look for testimonials and reviews from previous clients to gauge their level of satisfaction. Additionally, don’t hesitate to reach out to potential companies with any questions or concerns you may have, as open communication is key to a successful partnership. By taking the time to choose the right pet relocation company, you can embark on your international move with confidence, knowing that your pets are in capable and caring hands. Get insider tips on how to find cheap movers on our blog page now!

Arrival and Adaptation

  • Post-Arrival Check: Upon arrival, follow the necessary health checks and inspections to ensure your pet’s well-being.
  • Dealing with unexpected situations: Be prepared for unexpected challenges and stay calm while addressing them.
  • Registering your pet with local authorities: Comply with local registration requirements to avoid legal issues.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

  • Finding pet-friendly housing: Search for pet-friendly accommodations that suit your new lifestyle.
  • Creating a comfortable space for your pet: Set up a cozy area for your pet to relax and feel at home in your new residence.
  • Adapting to the new environment together: Help your pet adjust to the new surroundings by gradually exploring the neighborhood and establishing routines.


Moving internationally with pets is a complex process that demands careful planning and thorough research. While the logistics may seem daunting, the rewards of sharing your international adventure with your furry companion are immeasurable. By understanding the regulations, completing the necessary paperwork, and ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety throughout the journey, you can embark on this new chapter in your life together. Remember, with the right preparation and a commitment to your pet’s well-being; you can make the transition abroad a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your beloved pet.

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FAQs: Can You Take Your Pets With You When Moving Abroad?

Can I bring my pets with me when moving abroad?

Yes, you can generally bring your pets with you when moving abroad, but it’s essential to research and comply with the specific import requirements of your destination country, which may include vaccinations, quarantine periods, and documentation.

Are there any restrictions on the types of pets I can take abroad?

When moving internationally with pets, most countries allow dogs and cats to be imported, but regulations for exotic or unusual pets can vary widely. Always check the regulations of your destination country to ensure compliance.

Do I need a pet passport for international travel with my pets?

Many countries require a pet passport or an official health certificate issued by a veterinarian to accompany your pets during international travel. Make sure to obtain the necessary documentation well in advance of your move.

How can I ensure my pets have a comfortable journey during an international move?

To ensure your pets have a comfortable journey, choose a reputable pet relocation service or airline that specializes in pet transport. Acclimate your pets to their travel crates beforehand and consider sedation options if recommended by your veterinarian.

What should I do if my destination country has strict pet import regulations?

If your destination has strict regulations, work closely with a professional pet relocation service to navigate the requirements smoothly. Begin the process well in advance of your move to allow time for vaccinations, tests, and paperwork.